m. That which reproduces, shows or reveals something else.

That's what we do. We believe in eyewear beyond the complement or the accessory. We believe in its empowering power, being a reflection of the personality and authenticity of the wearer. For this, we create stylish eyewear that highlights the uniqueness and identity of each individual, highlighting those particularities that make us so unique and special.

For this, we work day by day to create collections where precision and quality are present in every detail. We seek to democratise good design and high quality in the field of eyewear by bringing the trend closer and creating contemporary urban-inspired designs with a fresh and personal touch at reasonable prices.

It takes around 160 steps to transform a set of exclusive materials into a single unique piece. The most advanced technology and the expertise of expert hands make up our workshop, where strict quality standards are applied to achieve a wearability and durability worthy of a piece of craftsmanship.
Our frames are made of acetate, a noble material derived from cotton fibers. The inimitable brilliance of its polished finish and its wide range of colours make it the perfect base for sculpting exquisite detailed eyewear, which is the quality hallmark of our frames.
We are proud of our most advanced hinges, millimetrically designed to achieve a unique robustness and elegance. In addition, the rounded and voluminous shape of the temple tips make them completely ergonomic to use, and their embossed inner texture gives them an unparalleled grip.
All our lenses have a blue light protection filter, so that those who do not need prescription lenses can protect themselves from the exposure caused by the use of screens such as computers, tablets, TV and mobile phones.


We are committed to a better, more conscious, sensitive and healthy world. We believe that the answers to many of our questions lie in the details, and in the importance of joining small gestures that contribute to change in a collective and creative way.

For this reason, all our acetates are biodegradable and we are ISCC (International Sustainability Carbon Certification) certified, which guarantees our responsibility towards the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, sustainable land use, the protection of natural biospheres and the increase of social sustainability.