REFLECT is born from the dual concept of one’s gaze; two lenses, two eyes, a mirror, the way you look at something and what it is. The most physical side of an individual’s gaze comes to be the projection of their soul to the world

A pair of glasses as a whole becomes the aesthetic complement that strengthens the individual’s personality and authenticity. REFLECT aims to elevate the individual’s gaze with an exquisite contemporary and avant-garde design collection.

The gaze and what is being looked at follows the same dual pattern that makes up the world. Order and chaos, good and bad, reality and fiction, light and darkness, empirical relationships and technological relationships.

REFLECT proposes taking a critical eye on the digitalized, solitary and excessively globalized society, where the originality and aura that surrounds us, has been lost. As in the myth of Medusa, the world has become chaotic, turned into stone - opaque and blind - without light. The idea has come together with its copy. REFLECT restores the order and light in the world allowing reflection, duality, sensibility and originality. REFLECT claims authenticity, real and critical eye, and allows us to see beyond the tangible, what escapes the senses, the part that gives meaning to our existence. 

REFLECT’S frames are manufactured with a quality material which comes from cotton: acetate. The inimitable shine provided by its polished finish and its wide range of colours become the perfect base to sculpt an exquisite jewellery masterpiece. Acetate respects the skin’s delicacy because of its hypoallergenic properties, which provide an unparalleled comfort.
No less than 160 steps are necessary to transform a set of exclusive materials into a single unique piece. A mixture provided by precision of the most advanced technology and the savoir-faire of the delicate human hand make up our charming manufacturing workshop. By applying strict quality standards, we achieve usability and durability worthy of a piece of craftsmanship of its stature.
Small details mark the quality of our frames. Our hinges are one of which we are most proud of. Arc-hinge is inspired by the most modern architectonical structures built up until now. Two compact volumes millimetrically converge to achieve a unique robustness and elegance. Long-neck is a redesign of the timeless universal hinge. A sophisticated prolongation assigns personality to the hinge and the glass pair as whole.
The temple-tips account with a comfortable and also sophisticated finish. Its rounded and voluminous shape makes it ergonomic for human use and the textured interior provides an unparalleled grip.
The myths campaign exerts a critical look at current issues through a reinvention of Greek mythology and philosophy